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CSUSM Smoke- and Tobacco-free Campus Effective August 28, 2017

CSUSM will be a smoke- and tobacco-free campus effective August 28, 2017. The use of cigarettes, cigars, pipes and other smoke-emanating products such as e-cigarettes, vapor devices and other like products will be prohibited on all University properties as well as smokeless tobacco, snuffs and any other tobacco products.

The CSU Office of the Chancellor issued Executive Order 1108 in the spring, outlining a systemwide policy for a smoke- and tobacco-free environment on all CSU campuses. This policy was created to provide the CSU’s faculty, staff, students, guests and public with campuses that support the principle of one’s individual freedom to learn, teach, work, think and take part in intellectual endeavors in a fulfilling, rewarding, safe and healthy environment.

Please refer to the complete Executive Order at http://www.calstate.edu/eo/EO-1108.html for additional definitions, policy text and compliance information. Please refer to our campus website for tobacco cessation resources and campus contact information: www.csusm.edu/smokefree.