San Marcos,
15:57 PM

Dr. Vassilis Dalakas: Building the Future at CSUSM

By David Ogul

Given his druthers, Dr. Vassilis Dalakas would rather be playing professional basketball. But the noted consumer psychology and sports marketing expert found his calling as a college professor, and he has no regrets about landing at Cal State San Marcos, where he has been teaching and conducting groundbreaking research since 2008.

“Seeing so many students go on to have such great success is the best reward a professor can have,” Dalakas said. “It’s exciting that many of the students I’ve taught over the years are helping to make a positive impact on the world and their community.”

Dalakas is Cal State San Marcos, which has been impacting lives for a quarter century.

Dalakas has won several teaching awards, including the Outstanding Marketing Teacher Award from the Academy of Marketing Science, the Outstanding Educator Award for Innovative and Creative Teaching from the Academy of Educational Leadership, and the AxcessCapon Teaching Innovation Competition winner from the Marketing Management Association.

His research on fan response to sports sponsorship has been featured on, and his latest study—conducted in collaboration with a former CSUSM student—examines schadenfreude in football fans.

Dalakas says he looks forward to contributing to CSUSM’s legacy over the next 25 years.

“We provide our students with a rigorous, high-quality education at a very affordable price, and the classes are small enough that you can still give students individual attention,” he said. “The opportunity to influence so many people and shape in some way so many careers is very rewarding.”

Seeing so many students go on to have such great success is the best reward a professor can have."
Dr. Vassilis Dalakas