San Marcos,
12:00 PM

Gift Enhances Physics Research

By Margaret Chantung

A classroom in Science Hall 2 underwent a major renovation that transformed the space into new laboratories to benefit undergraduate learning and faculty research in physics, thanks to a $60,000 gift from Hunter Industries.

Applied physics is one of the fastest growing degree programs at CSUSM.

“Students majoring in physics stand out and are highly valued in regional industries based in defense, programming, healthcare and engineering because of the hands-on experiences and mentorship they receive from faculty,” said College of Science and Mathematics Dean Katherine Kantardjieff.

Dr. Stephen Tsui says the new space will allow him to take his work and mentorship of students to the next level. He is looking forward to expanding his research into nanoparticles, which requires use of a fume hood that he didn't have prior to the renovations.

“Over the years Hunter Industries has been a significant corporate supporter of our athletics and business programs,” said Vice President for Advancement Neal Hoss. “The company’s recent generosity enhances our reputation as an institute for experiential learning, for innovation and for creating learning spaces that both foster and enable student discovery.”

Greg Hunter, president of Hunter Industries, said, “We are proud to be partners with CSUSM, a vital educational institution in our region, and hope that we can inspire others to step forward and support the College of Science and Mathematics.”

Physics Undergraduates Lead Cutting-Edge Research

From leading astrophysical research that may explain the creation of Earth, to delving into nanostructures that could transform the future of data memory, the cutting-edge research experiences that CSUSM physics undergraduates receive are unparalleled and unique.

Working in the state-of-the-art laboratories generously funded by Hunter Industries, CSUSM physics undergraduates conduct original hands-on research alongside our esteemed faculty. In the lab students gain competitive skills that outshine their collegiate peers and prepare our graduates to solve the challenges of tomorrow.

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