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2018 Campus Safety Report

2018 Campus Safety Report

California State University San Marcos has made available the 2018 Campus Safety Plan.

The report includes:

  1. The availability and location of security personnel.
  2. Methods for summoning assistance of security personnel.
  3. Any special safeguards that have been established for particular facilities or activities.
  4. Any actions taken in the preceding 18 months to increase safety.
  5. Any changes in safety precautions expected to be made during the next 24 months.
  6. Records of all occurrences reported to campus police, campus security personnel or campus safety authorities of and arrests for crimes that are committed on campus that involve violence, hate violence, theft, and destruction of property, illegal drugs, or alcohol intoxication and all occurrences of noncriminal acts of hate violence reported to, and for which a written report is prepared by, designated campus authorities.

The 2018 Campus Safety Report can be found here: The http://www.csusm.edu/clery/documents/campusafetyplan2018final12.12.17.pdf