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A New Approach to Enrollment and Advising for Incoming Fall 2019 Students

Campus Partners,

Academic Advisors need your help!

The university is implementing a new approach that removes course enrollment activity completely from the day-of New Student Orientation experience. Academic Advising as a whole (CoBA, CEHHS, CHABSS and CSM) will provide a single large-room presentation at Orientations about our general advising services. Course enrollment will no longer take place at Orientation. You can help us support the success of this model by sharing with incoming students this new approach. Students are being asked to self-enroll as soon as they are given an enrollment appointment (Transfer Students: May 20; First-Year Students: June 10).

Why the change?
• Students will be self-enrolling in courses well in advance of their orientation date.
• Waiting to enroll until orientation places students at a disadvantage.
• The growing student population has outgrown the small registration room model.
• Enrolling at orientation has become an increasingly stressful activity for students.
• We can do this better!

How are we improving the student enrollment experience?
Along with campus partners, we have created a student-centered approach that offers students with support before, during and after self-enrollment, including:
• “How to Enroll the Cougar Way Workshops” hosted by Enrollment Management Services, and supported by Peer Advisors www.csusm.edu/enroll/services/enroll.html
-Designed to walk students though self-enrollment.
-Optional, strongly encouraged.

The New Student Advising and Enrollment Tutorial
-Provides information about graduation requirements, major specifics, and step-by-step instructions on how to use enrollment tools.
-Required. Can be tracked by academic advisors.

The New Student Advising and Enrollment Checklist
-Ensures students complete required tasks: tutorial, self-enrollment, etc.
-Required to access advising services.• Increased advising support options, available to students after they self-enroll.-Scheduled appointments: in-  person, Zoom, phone; group advising; peer advising; drop-in advising.

Additionally, Academic Advisors will be tracking enrollment activity and reaching out to students in need of additional support.

This new model will introduce students to important advising and enrollment tools they will be using their entire academic careers at CSUSM. Students will be able to learn how to use enrollment tools at their own pace and become proficient at self-enrolling. Additionally, this new model allows us to provide students with better access to academic advisors. We will be sharing this approach through a variety of communications to our new students.

• New student course enrollment will no longer take place at Orientation
• Students should not be told to wait until orientation to begin enrolling
 Enrollment dates (Transfer Students: May 20; First-Year Students: June 10)
• Increased advising support options are available

Thank you for your continued support. We look forward to a great summer!

This message has been sent on behalf of:
David McMartin, 
Director Undergraduate Academic Advising
Dr. Regina Eisenbach, Dean Academic Programs
Dr. Geoffrey Gilmore, Associate Vice President Student Academic Support Services
Scott Hagg, Associate Vice President Enrollment Management Services