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A University with Different Perspectives, Apr. 24

Guest speaker Debra Mashek has spent two decades studying how people form relationships with each other. The polarization she has seen on campuses left her worried about the very foundations of the academic enterprise. Now, as executive director of the Heterodox Academy, she describes herself as a heterodox enthusiast who values, speaks out and creates open inquiry and viewpoint diversity both professionally and personally.

Join us for an engaging discussion about the intricacies of viewpoint diversity and the effects it's having on our universities. The program will include a presentation by Dr. Mashek, followed by table conversations about the topic facilitated by Dr. Ranjeeta Basu.

Tuesday, April 24
5:30 to 7:30 p.m.
USU 2300-B/D

RSVP to attend at: www.bringlightnotheat.eventbrite.com