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Alumni Dashboard Offers Insight Into Careers

Cal State San Marcos has launched the Alumni Outcome Dashboard, an informative platform that leverages data from a third-party vendor called Lightcast to display a collection of career data for alumni who earned a bachelor’s and/or master’s degree from CSUSM between 1992 and 2022. 

Users can filter by graduation year, degree level, college, major and highest degree awarded. The dashboard shows users the regions alumni are working in after graduation, their estimated annual salaries, whether they’re employed in their field of study, their top skills, top 10 job titles and top 10 companies with alumni. 

“More and more students and parents are interested in knowing how completing college, or a specific major, will help with job opportunities after graduation and with long-term career prospects,” said Godfrey Gibbison, dean of Extended Learning. “We hope to provide as much information as possible.”

This new resource will aid students as they prepare to enter the workforce. Students can utilize the data throughout their networking and career research process to potentially find companies with alumni and form connections that may be valuable when it is time to apply for jobs post-graduation. 

“Universities tend to have a wealth of data about current students, but it can be a challenge to track down information about what happens after graduation,” said Cameron Stevenson, interim director of Institutional Planning and Analysis. “This dashboard provides new and important insights into the career paths of our alumni, helping CSUSM to better understand and illustrate its impact on workforce preparation and student social mobility.” 

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