16:09 PM

SR&S Organizational Restructuring

Effective July 1, 2018, the Department of Safety, Risk, & Sustainability (SR&S) will restructure with the following changes: 

  • Erin Fullerton's new position will be director of Integrated Risk Management and she will report to Associate Vice President of Administration Katy Rees. Erin will continue to have oversight of campuswide risk management programs, including workers compensation, international travel safety, youth protection programs, event risk assessment, subpoena management, and campuswide insurance programs. Therese Jackson and Sue Belt will continue reporting to Erin.
  • The remaining SR&S functions, renamed as Safety, Health and Sustainability, will report to Regina Frasca and will encompass functions including Environmental Health & Occupational Safety, hazardous materials management, ergonomics, sustainability, environmental protection, food safety, the Injury & Illness Prevention Program, and safety training.
  • Both departments will continue to reside in Craven Hall 4700 and work together seamlessly to provide their services. The main phone number for Safety, Health and Sustainability will remain as 760-750-4502; the new main phone number for the Integrated Risk Management team will be 760-750-RISK (7475). All other contact information and direct lines will remain the same.

These changes will continue to support campus growth and the excellent services that these departments provide.