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Apply Today to Be a Part of CougarFest

The ASI Campus Activities Board will be once again be hosting CougarFest as part of Homecoming week! CougarFest is a carnival-type event with different game booths outside of The Sports Center, just before the basketball game on Saturday, Dec. 3. We are looking to have different student organizations and campus departments host the different game booths from 3 to 5 p.m.

Here’s where you come in: To submit your proposal for a booth, complete the form below. ASI CAB will be in contact with you by November 1 to let you know the status of your proposal.

What you need to know: Apply online Oct 10–23, 2016
Booths must be carnival, basketball, fight song or cougar spirit themed
Groups must have (1) main contact for booth
Booth descriptions should be as detailed as possible
What will attendees be doing at your booth?
What supplies do you need?
Does your booth have a name? A theme?
What will attendees see, smell, taste, feel, hear at your booth?
Limit (1) booth/table per group
Booths will be open to the CSUSM community (students, alumni, families, community members)

We suggest that no more than four individuals are working a booth at one time. This will be assessed on a case by case basis as we understand some booths require a larger number of staffing than others.

Apply using the link below: