10:25 AM

Building a Career with Your BA Degree in Sociology and Criminal Justice

Sociology and Criminology Majors - Join us for pizza, networking and real world post-BA career advice direct from the American Sociological Association.

Monday, Feb. 27, 12 to 1 p.m., U Hour, SBSB, Room 4221

For our first meeting of the semester, the Sociology Club (SSA) will be hosting a fun and casual get-together to explore the big question on every sociology and criminology undergrad’s mind: What can I do with my BA degree in these fields out in the real world? Many of us sociology students will go on to graduate school and still many more want to take all of our degree-based knowledge and directly apply it to a new career.

This event will feature a webinar, hosted by the American Sociological Association (ASA). Recent sociology graduates who are now happily employed and engaged in their communities, along with Dr. Teresa Ciabattari, associate professor of Sociology at Pacific Lutheran University will speak on the practical application of sociological principals in the workplace and data backed methods for how the sociology and criminology undergrad can strengthen employment opportunities directly out of college.

Plus, this event will be a great chance to meet everyone in our community and discuss the upcoming semester!