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Building Student Leadership

Written by Ashley Johnson, '13Writing Intern for the Office of CommunicationsCatering to students interested in building quality leadership skills, the Tukwut Leadership Circle (TLC) offers interactive workshops and insightful lectures that allow students to explore and enhance their personal and professional potential. Hosted by Student Life & Leadership, the free series exposes students to a wide range of topics, tackling themes of teambuilding, cultural competency, goal setting, time management and interpersonal communication, among others. Nearly 40 workshops are offered each year.“I enjoy the workshop series because they cover such a wide variety of different leadership skills that I need to take out into the world,” said Christopher Aarons. “There’s a lot of valuable information in the lectures that have taught me how to deal with different personality types to the best of my ability. It’s been an encouraging process and a great way to network with other students.”While students can attend individual trainings a la carte, participants have the option of earning a leadership certificate, which is signed by President Haynes and carries the added benefit of a formal resume booster. The TLC leadership certificate requires students to complete seven workshops, participate in various civic and community engagement activities and reflect on leadership goals and experiences. “The workshops give you hands-on experience and really help you engage with the campus community while giving you the perfect opportunity to put the skills you’re learning into practice,” said Renee McAvoy, a recent graduate of the certificate program.The TLC curriculum is centered around the Social Change Model of Leadership, an approach that focuses on the process of enacting social change from multiple perspectives. Recent lectures have introduced concepts on happiness and positive psychology, experiential learning and communication. “Leadership is something that everyone can learn to do, not only in professional environments, but in their everyday relationships,” explained program coordinator Shannon Nolan. “TLC encourages students to step out of their comfort zones so that they can better shape their future.”To learn more about the certificate program and dates for upcoming lectures by visiting the Tukwut Leadership Circle.