14:39 PM

Campus Climate Survey Results Now Available Online

Dear campus community,

Over the course of the past few years, the Office of Inclusive Excellence in partnership with Institutional Planning & Analysis and other key stakeholders on campus has been actively engaged in efforts to better understand the experience of students, staff, faculty and administrators at CSUSM specific to our campus climate. Campus climate is defined by Dr. Susan Rankin as “the current attitudes, behaviors and standards of faculty, staff, administrators and students concerning the level of respect for individual needs, abilities and potential.”

We are excited to share that our Campus Climate website has been updated to include the analyzed results from the Diverse Learning Environments student survey and Viewfinder faculty, staff and administrator surveys. You will be able to view summarized reports, infographics and interactive dashboards that allow you to readily explore the campus climate survey data collected. As we continue to operate on the principles of transparency, accountability and inclusive participation established by our campus climate steering committee, we wanted to ensure that all members of our campus community are able to access meaningful data most relevant to them as we work collectively to foster a positive campus climate at CSUSM.

We acknowledge that this is just another step toward more work to come. The Office of Inclusive Excellence and Institutional Planning & Analysis have begun meeting with campus stakeholders to discuss these results and, most importantly, begin conversations to identify tangible actions toward improving CSUSM’s campus climate. We look forward to sharing some of the outcomes of those meetings with you in the fall. In the meantime, if you have feedback or thoughts to share about these efforts, please email campusclimate@csusm.edu.


Dr. Aswad Allen
Chief Diversity Officer
Office of Inclusive Excellence