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Campus Community Invited to Vote on New Campus Logo

Campus Community Invited to Vote on New Campus LogoStudents, faculty, staff and alumni of CSUSM are invited to vote on a new logo icon to permanently replace the University's current "hills" logo. Online voting opens on Monday, Aug. 31, and runs through Friday, Sept. 11, 2009.  The new logo icon will compliment the new stylized text that has been in use for about a year. Over the summer, over 200 students, staff, faculty and alumni provided feedback on four logo options being considered for California State University San Marcos. This feedback was instrumental in helping to select and refine a logo image that best embodies the following attributes: Strong/balancedSimpleMemorableFlexibleTimelessUniqueThe logo image selected is a stylized rendition of the corner of Kellogg Library. In making the determination on which design would be most appropriate to further refine and present as the final choice, comments from our focus group surveys such as these below played a key role:   "Simple, strong lines..."   "Kellogg Library is a great image for the CSUSM logo. It's an academic setting that is open to all - students, staff, faculty and the community."   "This logo is memorable, timeless and definitely unique."   "Gives a sense of up-lift; forward looking."   "Shows what we are not where we are."   "It screams - we look toward the future, growth and opportunities."CSUSM students, faculty, staff and alumni will be able to vote on one of two iterations of the potential logo and view examples of how the logos will look in different applications. Open E-Voting will take place from Aug. 31 through Sept. 11, 2009. Look for your E-Voting email on Monday, Aug. 31. The final decision will be announced on Tuesday, Sept. 15.PDF simulations of both logo options in real-world scenarios, such as, on the campus website or brochure layout, are available for download at the following link: http://www.csusm.edu/communications/newlogo.html.