16:35 PM

Campus Ony Electronic Waste Recycling Event, Mar. 10

Safety, Risk and Sustainability Services will be holding an electronic waste recycling event for the campus community ONLY. All you need to do is pull up in your car or truck and we’ll do the rest!

When:  Friday, Mar. 10, 2017, 8 to 10 a.m.
Where: Next to Parking Lot G (Behind Science Hall 1)

What Types of Electronic Waste are Accepted?
Computer Monitors - Computer Speakers - CRT Monitors - Telephones - Stereo Equipment - LCD Monitors - Cell Phones - Keyboards/Mice Laptops - Copiers/Printers - Scanners - Televisions - Fax Machine - Miscellaneous Wiring - Plasma Screens/TVs - MP3 Players - Items with Electronic Boards - DVD Players - VCRs and More!

**We Do Not Accept: Household/Commercial Appliances or Hazardous Materials/ Waste **