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City of Temecula Recognized with University's Community Engagement Award

City of Temecula Recognized with University's Community Engagement AwardPresident Karen S. Haynes presented the university's Community Engagement Award to the City of Temecula during her annual "Report to the Community" attended by regional leaders from government, business, cultural, and service organizations.The prestigious award recognizes a community partner that has demonstrated a collaborative spirit and community engagement in addressing regional issues of mutual or broad-reaching concern. The City of Temecula was recognized for its role in founding CSUSM's first off-campus branch in August of 2008: Cal State San Marcos in Temecula in the Paul Goldring Garrett Institute for Higher Learning."Civic leaders in this community came to us in September 2007 with a bold vision, and they quickly laid out the plans and found the resources to make it happen," said Haynes in making the presentation on Feb. 5. "Local business leaders secured a lease-free facility for educational programs. A local hospital provided funding for nursing education. Together, we forged a unique public/private partnership that emerged as a model for transforming a region through educational opportunity.""We are thrilled that California State University San Marcos has partnered with the City of Temecula to bring exceptional post-secondary education programs to our city and our residents," said Temecula Mayor Maryann Edwards, who accepted the award along with Councilman Chuck Washington. "This is a new day for the city and for the University, and we look forward to the energy and vitality that CSUSM will bring to Temecula."With its landmark commitment to education that now includes a Youth Master Plan for youth development and learning, the City of Temecula has emerged as a 21st century pioneer in community engagement and public service.