San Marcos,
09:02 AM

College of Science and Mathematics renamed CSTEM

Recognizing the growth of the college and the addition of numerous programs in its nine years of existence, Cal State San Marcos’ College of Science and Mathematics has been renamed the College of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, or CSTEM.

The College of Science and Mathematics was created in December 2010 from departments housed in the erstwhile College of Arts and Sciences after the restructuring of Academic Affairs in 2010. 

Over the past decade, the college has grown substantially, increasing enrollment in applied physics, biological sciences, chemistry and biochemistry, computer science and mathematics. It has also expanded its programs in biotechnology, while also adding much-needed programs in cybersecurity and engineering.

“CSTEM is a place that brings people together — students, alumni, faculty, staff, regional industry and local residents — and binds them in a community committed to the shared pursuit of knowledge,” said Katherine Kantardjieff, founding dean of the college. “Given the growth and diversity of STEM disciplines now housed in the college, the name CSTEM should better inform internal and external stakeholders of its character.”

The college surveyed its various constituencies, both internal and external, regarding preferences for a revised college name. Students, faculty, staff, advisory council members and alumni overwhelmingly expressed a desire for CSTEM.

“The name CSTEM resonates with all of our constituencies and clearly conveys the character of the college,” Kantardjieff said. “This new name will help us build on our brand recognition in the region, enabling us to better serve our students, faculty, alumni and local workforce.”

CSUSM has nearly 2,600 students with CSTEM majors and 67 tenure-track faculty in the college. Most recently, the college added software engineering in fall 2018 and electrical engineering in fall 2019, and renovations were completed on the university’s Viasat Engineering Pavilion in the spring 2020 semester.