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Communication Professor Wins Award for Published Article

Gloria Pindi Nziba, a Cal State San Marcos associate professor of communication, has won a national award for her published article in the field of feminist and gender studies within the communication discipline.

Gloria Pindi NzibaPindi is the recipient of the 2022 OSCLG Anita Taylor Outstanding Published Article or Chapter Award for her article titled “Promoting African knowledge in communication studies: African feminisms as critical decolonial praxis.”

The award, presented by the Organization for the Study of Communication, Language and Gender (OSCLG), goes to an outstanding published article or chapter in an anthology concerned with communication, language and gender. It was designed by OSCLG to celebrate the intellectual and activist legacy of Anita Taylor, a professor emerita of communication and member of the gender of women studies faculty at George Mason University in Fairfax, Va.

Pindi’s article advocates for the re-centering of African epistemologies in research conducted on or about Africa in communication studies, particularly in feminist scholarship. She argues that African feminisms can serve as a critical decolonial tool providing valuable insights that can decenter whiteness and challenge the dominance of U.S.-centered frameworks for research conducted on or about Africa.

“As a critical intercultural Black feminist scholar and activist, I have always decried how the hegemony of white/Western scholarship within the communication discipline leads to the erasure of African scholarship,” Pindi said. “For instance, even when we speak of intersectional feminisms, African feminism is usually not part of the conversation. Thus, to me, this award is a recognition of my advocacy for promoting the visibility of African scholarship within the communication discipline, and particularly in feminist communication studies.”

Pindi is affiliate faculty in women’s gender and sexuality studies in addition to her position in the communication department.

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