15:01 PM

Compass Card Changes

Effective Sept. 1, the new price for the compass card transit pass will be $50 for CSUSM students. This fare increase allows students to use all NCTD and MTS services. Students will now be able to use the MTS trolley, MTS bus/express, and MTS rapid (excludes rapid express 280 and 290) in addition to NCTD sprinter train and NCTD breeze buses. Students can purchase the discounted $50 regional transit passes at the Parking and Commuter Services office. Students must have their CSUSM ID card with the current semester validation sticker at the time of purchase. Contact the Parking and Commuter Services office with any questions at 760-750-7520.

More information about the fare changes can be found at https://www.sdmts.com/fares-passes/fare-change-sept-1-2019