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CSUSM Awarded $1.49 Million Grant for Science Education

CSUSM Awarded $1.49 Million Grant for Science Education CSUSM has been awarded a $1.49 million grant from the National Science Foundation to develop and implement ways of enhancing the learning of science for middle school students.The project, named “iQUEST: Investigations for Quality Understanding and Engagement for Students and Teachers,” begins January 2009 and will be directed by Katherine Hayden, education, and Youwen Ouyang, computer science.iQUEST will be particularly focused on serving students from underserved and underrepresented populations to ensure their readiness, interest and participation in science and technology-intensive careers.Curriculum design will match 7th and 8th grade science standards with technology resources that engage students in activities and make textbook content “come alive” by incorporating visualization tools, interactive games, online collaboration, open source applications and other resources, according to Hayden.“Through the iQUEST partnerships, we will impact the lives and career choices of students through connections with experts, scientists and resources that empower student learning and engage them in real scientific inquiry,” she said.