San Marcos,
08:03 AM

CSUSM Ready to Fill Need for Engineers

The need for more engineers in San Diego County is palpable.

An analysis by the Educational Advisory Board showed that local employment postings for software engineering-related positions jumped more than 72 percent between July 2013 and June 2015. Postings for electrical engineers increased by more than 34 percent during the same period.

Cal State San Marcos is ready to help fill that need through its burgeoning engineering program.

“Looking ahead, engineers will be the driver of San Diego’s innovation economy,” said Matthew Sanford, director of economic development for the San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation. “The presence of such talent is a critical part of the region’s growth and development. CSU San Marcos’ engineering program will ensure that the region is equipped with highly skilled talent for our leading industries, maintaining San Diego’s standing at the forefront of global innovation.”

CSUSM is developing innovative degree programs in software and electrical engineering. These debut programs reflect CSUSM’s longstanding commitment to practical experience consistently emphasized by the other degree programs in the College of Science and Mathematics.

“The San Diego region is home to world-class life science companies, and engineers play a huge role in their success,” said Joe Panetta, president and CEO of Biocom. “Bioengineers, software engineers and many others provide essential knowledge that helps companies bring lifesaving products to market. Importantly, CSUSM’s new engineering program will expand the pipeline of engineers for the region and increase the professional and educational opportunities for the residents of North County and the broader area served by the University.

“Our community is excited at the prospect of hiring the future leaders in STEM.”

Undergraduate research, industry internships, summer research fellowships and other real-world learning avenues will be emphasized in CSUSM’s engineering program.

“The needs for engineering expertise have far outgrown the ability of San Diego State and UCSD to meet the demand,” said Michael Perry, a vice president at General Atomics. “CSUSM has the space, expertise and motivation to become a first-rate state engineering school.”

Don Fitzgerald, vice president and general manager of Genentech’s Oceanside Product Operations, said developing a diverse 21st-century workforce for the region demands a strong foundation in engineering.

“The future of biotechnology and its ability to meet the unmet medical needs of our population depends on students having access to a broad engineering curriculum to complement the other sciences at CSUSM,” Fitzgerald said.

Simon Kuo, ViaSat’s vice president corporate quality, said engineering inspires change by bridging technical innovation with creativity.

“It is at the heart of what we do at ViaSat,” Kuo said, “and enables us to create new and better ways for people to connect to high-speed internet – whether at home, or on an airplane at 35,000 feet. But to do this, we must invest in talented, passionate engineers that seek to be challenged and engaged in developing a better tomorrow. That’s why we rely on universities like CSUSM to be a voice to students across the San Diego region, promoting the importance of STEM, STEAM and the development of a high-tech future.

“As the largest technology company in San Diego’s North County region, ViaSat appreciates CSUSM’s engineering presence and looks forward to tapping into the expanding engineering talent that exists on the CSUSM campus.”