San Marcos,
11:21 AM

CSUSM Event Series Celebrates Heritages and Culture

by Whitney Frasier

The third Diversity Awareness Month Kick-off event at Cal State University San Marcos (CSUSM) is at noon Thursday, Oct. 6 at the University Student Union. The theme is “Pursuing Peace.”

A series of related events will celebrate heritages and achievements all month.

“This year, CSUSM has more events, conversations and projects related to diversity and social justice on the campus calendars then this time last year,” said Ariel Stevenson, administration support coordinator. “Diversity is important because it is the entry point into many conversations so that social justice work can begin.

“When we learn from experiences and perspectives that are different from our own it helps challenge stereotypes and preconceptions. When we are challenged, we think more critically and communicate more effectively.”

In addition to enriching the educational experience, diversity events can connect students with other communities and enhance the campus climate. The variety of events are meant to encourage having difficult dialogues inside and outside of the classroom, while teaching skills and providing tools on how to do so.

“It also helps us celebrate diversity and reflect on our commitment to social justice work,” Stevenson said. “We are a better and smarter campus when we use diversity and social justice work to inform and teach us. It makes us that much more diligent, creative and socially engaged.”

Visit the diversity month calendar for a full list of events.