San Marcos,
10:30 AM

CSUSM Student Receives CSU Trustees' Award for Outstanding Achievement

Press Release by Margaret Chantung

Emily Snow, a first-generation college student majoring in liberal studies at CSUSM, was named one of 23 students to receive the 2013-14 CSU Trustees’ Award for Outstanding Achievement.

The CSU Trustees’ Awards are among the highest student distinctions within the CSU system and are accompanied by scholarships to those who have a demonstrated financial need, experienced personal hardships and have attributes of merit including superior academic performance, exemplary community service and significant personal achievements.

Overcoming the Odds

One of eight children, Emily overcame many traumatic childhood experiences, including the divorce of her parents and her mother's subsequent alcohol and drug addiction. Despite these challenges, she has always been committed to education. Emily earned an associate’s degree in liberal studies and is currently pursuing a bachelor's in the same subject with an emphasis in arts and education with an integrated teaching credential at CSUSM.

A member of the dean's list, Emily enjoys giving back through community service and volunteering. She is a member of the CSUSM women's lacrosse team and the assistant coach of the women's varsity lacrosse team at a local high school.

“When I think about my personal history, I know that each event in my life has shaped me into the person I am today,” reflected Emily, who says the scholarship has relieved the financial stress of attending college, allowing her to focus on her classes. “Life can beat you down, but it doesn't beat the life out of you. So when things don't go my way, I pick myself up, dust myself off and continue on, making sure I avoid anything that can get in my way.”

Upon completion of her bachelor's degree and credential certification, she looks forward to earning a master's degree at Cal State San Marcos and a doctorate in education at UC San Diego.

For more information about Emily and the 22 other awardees, visit the CSU Trustee Awards website.