10:46 AM

Dante Longo Memorial Blood Drive

We are calling on friends, family and supporters from across the country to help us celebrate Dante’s “rebirthday” week by rolling up your sleeves (literally) and saving some lives. 

Each year since Dante’s 2018 accident, we have celebrated the days from April 7 to April 13 as Dante’s “rebirthday” week, marking the days he fought through a coma to come back to us. Since his passing, celebrating Dante’s rebirthday has become a whole lot more bittersweet, but we will forever be grateful for the gift we got of nearly four more years with him thanks to the blood he received from blood donors like you. With your help, the Longo Strong Foundation is committed to paying this gift forward through the launch of our annual Dante Longo Rebirthday Blood Drive from April 7-13. When you donate blood in Dante’s name, you’re not only honoring his journey, but you’re also helping to ensure that others can have the same chance at life that he did. 

We have expanded the options for donating so that it is even easier to fit “saving a life” into your busy schedule no matter where in the country you are. Our in-person drive will be held April 10 at Kellogg Plaza from 10 a.m.-4:30 p.m., and our virtual drive will run from April 7-13 across the country.

Thank you for helping us save lives!