San Marcos,
14:08 PM

New Degree Planner Paves Path to Graduation

By Katie Chappell

A $100,000 award from the CSU Chancellor’s Office is helping a new eAdvising initiative that will streamline the University’s course planning and give students a clear path to earning their degree.

The online self-service tool called the Degree Planner will help students better plan out their coursework to meet graduation requirements.

“This tool complements the work of the advising staff,” said Shannon Hofmann, Director of Student Services for the College of Education Health and Human Services. “It allows students to see at a glance what courses they can take and the most efficient semester in which to take their required classes.”

CSUSM was one of only three CSU institutions to be part of the pilot initiative that may be implemented across the California State University system. Cal State San Marcos was selected because of the University’s technological innovation and agility in support of academic advising and planning.

”CSU San Marcos continues to be a model campus in the broad implementation and utilization of eAdvising solutions. Their engagement in the utilization of the Degree Planner will provide a roadmap for sister campuses to follow,” said Eric Forbes, CSU Assistant Vice Chancellor of Student Academic Support.

A long-term goal for the Degree Planner is to better inform academic administrators which courses will be in demand during each semester. More sophisticated course planning will provide more course availability for students who may struggle to fill the requirement to graduate on time.

"The Degree Planner has really made the way I plan for graduation a lot simpler, and it has also allowed me to be more self-sufficient in how I plot my progress each semester at CSUSM,” shared senior human development major Shelby Evans.

All students can access the tool now by logging on to and clicking Degree Planner. Students can find detailed video instructions on how to access and use the planning on the eAdvising website.