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Dr. Catalin Ratiu: Bringing Lessons in Business Sustainability to Cal State San Marcos

By David Ogul

Dr. Catalin Ratiu was born in Romania, has lived in France, Canada, Mexico and the United States, and his previous careers includes being an attorney, a management consultant, and a founding partner and sales director of an import-export business.

His multifaceted background make the assistant professor of Management at Cal State San Marcos the perfect fit as director of the Global Business Management Option at the College of Business Administration, where he aims to facilitate students’ interest in gaining a global perspective through work and study abroad.

“I loved management consulting, but I also love teaching, so it only made sense for me to move into academia and teach business management,” said Ratiu, whose areas of expertise include business strategy, global business and sustainable development.

At CSUSM, he developed a course on business sustainability to complement the College of Business Administration’s rich offerings. The course allows students to learn about business opportunities as organizations develop a greater social and environmental awareness.

Ratiu is wrapping up his fifth year at CSUSM.

“The last five years at Cal State San Marcos have been a joy,” he said. “Working here has made it possible to fulfill my passion for conducting research in an intellectually stimulating and friendly environment. While I have always considered the university as a platform for social change, it was on our campus where I learned how this is achieved. The campus is deeply embedded in the local community and works hard to serve the needs of the local population and help develop the region’s workforce. This gives faculty a sense of purpose and immediacy about our work that is very motivating.”