13:53 PM

EAP Empathia Program Introduction to CSUSM Employees

The Office of Human Resources is excited to announce our new EAP provider – Empathia!

CSUSM will be transitioning EAP providers from Aetna to Empathia, effective July 1, 2017; however, employees can start utilizing their services immediately. There will be a 90-day transition period with Aetna to allow employees who are currently using Aetna services to continue for 90 days past 7/1/17. If you are currently using a provider you would like to stay with, Empathia is likely already contracted with that provider, or they will attempt to add the provider to their network. Please contact Empathia directly at 1-800-367-7474 to assist you with transitioning your provider over to Empathia.

To start using Empathia’s services, please call 1-800-367-7474 or go to mylifematters.com and log in using the campus code cougars.

For more information about Empathia and the EAP transition, click HERE. For more information on Empathia’s services, click HERE.