08:00 AM

Environmental Studies Adds Minor in Sustainability

In response to the rapid growth of environmental studies at Cal State San Marcos in recent years, the program has added a new minor in sustainability for this semester. 

The sustainability minor is intended for students who are interested in environmental issues but not majoring in environmental studies. Greig Tor Guthey, an associate professor of geography and the program director of environmental studies, said the minor could make for a great companion to many degrees at CSUSM, including anthropology, business administration, biochemistry, biological sciences, communication, economics, global studies, history, liberal studies, political science and sociology.  

“I think what makes the degree stand out is the emphasis on resilience thinking, climate change and environmental justice,” Guthey said. “The climate is changing and having a whole slew of effects, like wildfires, increased heat and evapotranspiration. We need leaders who can adapt to these circumstances and meet new challenges so that we can increase social, economic and environmental sustainability.” 

Guthey said the sustainability minor was designed to be easily adaptable to student needs. There are four required courses: ENVS 100: Introduction to Environmental Studies, ENVS 305: Resilience and Society, GEOG 310: Climate and Life in the Anthropocene, and PHIL 340: Ethics and the Environment.  

Beyond those four, students have the option of taking courses from a list of electives or substituting other courses they think would be appropriate based on their interests and needs. Selections should be made in consultation with program faculty. 

For more information on the sustainability minor, go to https://www.csusm.edu/envs/sust_minor.html.