11:41 AM

Exhibit Shows Indian Culture as "More than Casinos"

The Kellogg Library at CSUSM announces a new art exhibit titled, More than Casinos: California Indian Culture, Contributions and Communities now running through Friday, Dec. 14. Featuring a range of traditional and contemporary artwork, textiles, basketry and photography from regional Native American artists, the exhibit is intended to showcase a more holistic view of contemporary American Indian people.The exhibit is located on the third floor and is free and open to the public during all library hours. “This exhibit was born out of an idea to challenge misconceptions that many people have about today’s California Indians,” commented Joely Proudfit, CSUSM associate professor and director of the  University’s California Indian Culture and Sovereignty Center. She explained that a recent student survey conducted by one of her classes on campus revealed that stereotypes about Native Americans still persist. For instance, Native Americans are frequently perceived as being wealthy due to gaming revenues when in reality a limited number of reservations own tribal government gaming establishments.  “Many people see us in relation to the casinos, but there is so much more – there are many layers to California Indians,” Proudfit said.More than Casinos will challenge those misconceptions and communicate multiple Native points of view on issues within California Indian communities. The exhibit is made possible by the CSUSM California Indian Culture and Sovereignty Center, the CSUSM Division of Community Engagement and Instructionally Related Activities funds. For more information, contact Outreach Librarian Melanie Chu at mchu@csusm.edu or 760-750-4378.