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Faculty, Staff Continue to Step Up During Pandemic

As Cal State San Marcos faculty and staff continue to go above and beyond on behalf of students and the campus community during the COVID-19 crisis, we’re pleased to highlight some of the campus heroes as nominated by students and colleagues.

Know someone who deserves special recognition for their efforts? Email details to and we’ll include them in an upcoming edition of this ongoing series.


Damon Adamo, media services engineer, IITS

Students, faculty and staff have come to rely heavily on Zoom for real-time communications while studying and working remotely, and Adamo has been integral to making it a smooth process.

“Damon has worked tirelessly to get people trained on the various aspects of Zoom and has been a great contributor to the success of many campus virtual initiatives,” the nominator wrote.


Priscilla Arciniega, intake academic advisor, Office of Academic Advising

Arciniega took the lead in creating communication platforms and tracking platforms for students and advisers from a variety of campus units to meet virtually.

“She went outside her role in advising to really help out many other units on campus with a key process affecting thousands of students in a positive way to create and support a virtual community, while fulfilling the duties of her position,” the nominator wrote.


Bonnie Campbell, CARE manager, Dean of Students Office

In her role as CARE manager, Campbell has been coordinating prevention, intervention and support efforts to assist students during this challenging time.

“She is getting in touch with students who are overwhelmed and checked out, and generally helping to keep the university running in a student-centered way,” the nominator wrote.


Patty Diaz, SOAR coordinator, Dean of Students Office

Student Outreach and Referral (SOAR) is a centralized service for all members of the campus community seeking to assist students, and the nomination noted how Diaz’s work has been integral throughout the COVID-19 crisis

“The university would be a much bleaker place without her,” the nominator said.


Kim Quinney, assistant professor, history

The student nominator lauded Quinney for her efforts in transitioning to virtual instruction and providing the resources her students have needed to continue to thrive.

“She has made this period of transition a little less stressful,” the nominator wrote, “and I am truly appreciative of all her efforts.”



Perla Rivas, counselor, TRIO Student Support Services

Rivas developed “TRIO SSS happy hour,” a weekly event that gives students an opportunity to express concerns, ask questions and share helpful tips.

“A clear sign that the students have enjoyed it is by the fact that more and more are joining and asking when the next one will take place,” the nominator wrote. “It is clear that they look forward to seeing each other and taking an hour out of their uncertain lives to just relax and de-stress with one another.”


Peer Advisors, Office of Academic Advising

The team of eight student peer advisors has been working hard to continue serving their fellow students during this difficult time. The team created a virtual advising site, including a virtual front desk that allows students to quickly and easily connect to services.

“Every one of our peer advisors has been exceptional at operating our new virtual front desk,” the nominator wrote. “They know what it is to be students during a very confusing and anxious time. Their own experience with ‘the new normal’ helps them connect to their fellow students who are also trying to figure out both the here and now as well as the future.

“I can’t begin to tell you just how much impact they are having by putting students at ease, answering countless questions and making our students feel comfortable in this new virtual environment we find ourselves in.”

The team includes James Bertel, Varanee Chinnapong, Gladys Guzman Guizar, Berenice Hernandez, Susanne Nordstrom, Alissa-Nicole Penaranda, Lizbeth Urquiza Resendiz and Zohra Sahial.

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