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Fall Context Exhibit Calls Attention to Injustice in Ukraine

By Samantha Boden

Kellogg Library is spreading the message of peace and unity in the fall Context Exhibit Series “Graphis Designers for Peace.”

This semester, the featured art is the work of a collaboration between graphic design institution Graphis and artist Kit Hinrichs of Studio Hinrichs. Graphis and Hinrichs sent out a call for creative work to the public and received nearly 400 submissions. Through a juried selection process, 60 posters from around the world were chosen to be included in the showcase, and 30 of them are on display in Kellogg Library. 

MicrosoftTeams-image (7)The Context Exhibit Series is a library program held every semester that grants students access to art and encourages campuswide dialogue. It showcases thought-provoking installations that center around an overarching theme and connect to the campus curriculum. Classes are invited to visit the display to enhance their learning experience and engage with the campus community. The free exhibit can be viewed on the third floor of Kellogg Library during operating hours or virtually on the library website.  

“The Context Exhibit Series has been a program that often dives deep into conversations of social justice, and this exhibit strongly resonates with that goal,” said Rosa Rodriguez, CSUSM’s outreach librarian and the main orchestrator behind Context.

The graphic design posters in this semester’s exhibit offer a worldwide perspective on the war in Ukraine and highlight the power of coming together to champion for peace. To initiate discussion about the showcase, the library is displaying books that connect with the artwork and a visitors' journal for student reflection. By providing free accessibility to art and literature, students can learn about the social and historical context surrounding the exhibit and share their thoughts in a productive and communal setting. 

“I hope that this exhibit challenges and inspires students to critically think about our roles and responsibilities to support peace for everyone,” Rodriguez said. “While the Ukrainian invasion may not directly affect our everyday lives for many of us, the exhibit represents how we can stand united in response to injustice, violence and conflict.”

Kellogg Library will welcome the exhibition by hosting a free reception on Oct. 26 for students, faculty, staff and community members. Hinrichs will discuss the collaboration with Graphis, and attendees can learn more about the inspiration behind the graphic design posters, all 30 of which will be on display.

Graphis also will be selling catalogs of the posters, and Hinrichs will be signing the catalogs along with Michael Pantuso, one of the graphic designers. All proceeds will go to humanitarian aid. 

For more information or to RSVP for the reception, visit here.

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