San Marcos,
15:18 PM

Forward Together: CSUSM President Haynes Shares Vision for the Future at Annual Report to the Community

By Margaret Chantung

Once known only as the hidden jewel of North San Diego County, California State University San Marcos is no longer this region’s best kept secret. Now in its 25th year, the institution has received national accolades, distinguishing itself as an innovative, nimble institution with much to teach the nation.

“The secret is out—we are the place,” President Haynes noted at her annual Report to the Community on February 5—the official public launch of CSUSM’s 25th Anniversary year. The event, now in its 11th year, drew approximately 600 attendees from across the region to a tented pavilion on campus.

“We are military friendly,” she emphasized. “We are a model employer…we are a diverse campus…and we are a community engaged institution!”

From small class sizes and hands-on learning experiences that emphasize the success of each individual student, to unique programs that create a college-bound culture for K-12 students throughout the region, to the University’s distinguished faculty who are actively engaged in vital research, Haynes indicated throughout her Report to the Community speech the countless ways that CSUSM is uniquely poised to meet the demands of the 21st century.

“For 25 years there has been great synergy between our University and our region,” she said. “We have literally grown up together, coming of age as we have helped create and were fed by these businesses, organizations, schools, neighborhoods and cities. Now as we celebrate 25 years of regional impact, not only do we reflect on our collective accomplishments but we are compelled to consider the future.”

CSUSM: Ready for the Future

Despite being only 25 years old, Haynes declared that it is CSUSM’s youth that will help leverage its lead going forward.

“Our youth allows nimbleness and our culture embraces change,” she reflected. “Even when the challenges seem insurmountable, we do things our way and we get them done. We aren’t just ‘chalk and talk’ but future-focused on real solutions to real problems.”

In her remarks Haynes discussed seven pressing issues from educational access to regional workforce needs to globalization and climate change, and emphasized how CSUSM is future-focused on real solutions to real problems.

Forward Together

“At Cal State San Marcos we have set our goals to be "ready” for our future,” said Haynes. “Since our founding 25 years ago—through imagination, creative thinking, partnerships, research and our unique approach—we have gone beyond what even we expected.”

She also underscored that CSUSM will continue to be ready for whatever the future brings while striving to be a model institution of best practice, indicating that CSUSM’s region and students deserve nothing less.

“Last year, I told you that I wasn’t done yet . . . and I’m not!” she exclaimed. “Today, I ask you to continue to partner with me—with Cal State San Marcos—and commit to achieving the impossible. We are rich in achievement and possibility, and this forward-focused, regional university has much to teach the nation. With you, we have become the place . . . we have achieved the impossible… we are prepared for whatever our future holds. Let’s move forward together.”

You are invited you to watch a video message from President Haynes below, or read her complete speech.