11:58 AM

Great California ShakeOut 2017, Oct. 19

On Thursday, Oct. 19, San Marcos will “Drop, Cover and Hold On” in the Great California ShakeOut, the largest statewide earthquake drill to date!

Major earthquakes can happen any time where you work, live or travel. The ShakeOut is our chance to practice how to protect ourselves and assess our workspace and homes for potential earthquake hazards. The goal is to prevent a major earthquake from becoming a catastrophe for you, your family, the university and our community.

On October 19 at 10:19 a.m., a message will be broadcast throughout campus advising you to “Drop, Cover and Hold On." We will announce the start of the drill via desktop alert, digital signage, phone intercom and outdoor dpeakers. When you receive the announcement, please participate and “Drop, Cover and Hold On” wherever you are on campus.

If you are in your office, classroom or conference room, “Drop, Cover and Hold On” under any available large object that will protect you from falling debris. This is also a perfect time to look around your workspace, classrooms and homes to identify any potential hazards if this were an actual earthquake.

We are asking that faculty and managers take a few minutes after the drill to discuss what you would do if this were an actual earthquake.

Please take a few minutes to watch this short 60-second video on October 19.


"Drop, Cover and Hold On!"

Please help keep our phone lines accessible for emergency use by sending a quick text to family letting them know you are OK. Only call if there is an emergency situation.

Be prepared, build, buy or update your Emergency Preparedness Kit, develop or update your Emergency Plan, create a communication plan (highly recommended to text first, call second).

We thank you in advance for your participation in this year’s Great California ShakeOut!