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Herstory Month Recognizes Women's Achievements

By Katie Chappell

March is Women’s Herstory Month, a national observation of the valuable contributions of women to our culture and society. CSUSM has scheduled a month of programs that showcase the accomplishments of women in U.S. history.

In 1985, Congress and the President of the United States designated March as Women’s History Month. The word “herstory” was coined in the 1960s as a feminist critique of conventional historiography – that history focuses primarily on the contributions of men. Herstory emphasizes the role of women in history and comes from a female point of view.

Dozens of organizations, centers and academic departments across campus have partnered with ASI’s Gender Equity Center to bring 15 events to campus in March including lectures, movie screenings, performances, health training and round-table discussions on the topics of women and gender issues. One of the key events of the month is the International Women's Day luncheon on Thursday, Mar. 9 which will feature a discussion of feminism and intersectionality, with CSUSM faculty sharing how their overall work on campus helps to change societal views of women in today's world. Register now.

"Herstory month is an empowering month for all women regardless of race, class, gender expression, and sexual orientation," said Yvette Ibañez, student peer educator for the Gender Equity Center. "This month serves as a reminder that we need to celebrate women every month of the year."

View the full calendar of events.

-------------------Highlighted Events-----------------------

Civility Dialogue: Politics & Gender Identity
Cross Cultural Center
March 7, 2017​

This rise of transgender bathroom bills introduced in 2016 as well as adoption into law by states like North Carolina’s House Bill 2 has stirred debate about the use of bathrooms and gender identity. Join the discussion.

International Women’s Day Lunch
Gender Equity Center
March 9, 2017T

Celebrate International Women's Day in the Gender Equity Center. Discuss feminism and intersectionality with CSUSM faculty and how their overall work on campus influences their desire to change societal views of women in today's world

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Women Breaking Boundaries: Latina Leaders
USU Ballroom
March 27, 2017

A distinguished speaker series featuring successful women leaders in nontraditional fields. Reserve a ticket.

Women and Activism
Gender Equity Center
March 28, 2017

The International Women’s March was an international act of solidarity – join us at the Gender Equity Center and learn about the ways that women on our campus have been activists for an array of social issues.

Arts & Lecture: Dr. Lydia Villa-Komaroff: From the Mexican Revolution to Biological Revolutions
March 30, 2017

Dr. Lydia Villa-Komaroff is a molecular biologist, an executive and a diversity advocate. She is the third Mexican-American woman in the U.S. to get a doctorate in science and was a key member of the team at showed for the first time at bacteria could be induced to produce insulin. Come listen to her story on biological revolutions.