09:20 AM

(In)visible, Insecure and In College: Critical Perspectives on Homelessness and Hunger at CSUSM

Join us on Thursday, Oct. 20 from 6 to 7:30 p.m. in the University Library Gallery (KEL 3rd floor) for a panel discussion related to our fall exhibit, the (In)Visible Project. This Conversations that Matter panel will discuss issues of homelessness and food insecurity and the critical link to well-being and academic success of CSUSM students. Attendees will have an opportunity to view the photographs on display. This event is co-sponsored by the Office of Diversity, Educational Equity and Inclusion.

Panelists will include:

  • Bear Guerra, (In)Visible Project photographer
  • Nicholas Mortaloni, CSUSM CARE manager
  • Jill Weigt, sociology professor
  • Chris Morales, ASI VP of Student & University Affairs

(In)Visible Project now on display

Bear Guerra’s (In)Visible Project is a multimedia installation that presents an intimate and dignified human portrait of San Diego’s homeless population. Through timeless photographic portraiture and first-person stories, it offers students, faculty, staff and visitors the opportunity to challenge their perceptions of those living on the streets in our midst. This project confronts the stigma surrounding homelessness, raises awareness about the realities facing San Diego’s homeless population and provides an opportunity for our community to come together to learn, discuss and take action to address the issue.