16:11 PM

LAFS Auction Items Needed

The Latino Association of Faculty & Staff (LAFS) is in need of donated items for the Annual LAFS Online Auction in order to raise funds for student scholarships. Our goal is to award TEN - $1,000 scholarships.

Please help us meet this goal by:

  1. Donating a sellable item
  2. Sending your donation to Rosa Mora, in Craven Hall 3600 or contact her via email at rmora@csusm.edu or phone at 750-750-4860 so that she can pick up the item/s from you.

All items are needed by Friday, Apr. 21 (extended from April 14)

PAST DONATED ITEMS included: Art pieces, Jewelry, Cultural Artifacts, Collector’s Items, Amusement Park Tickets, Household Décor, Homemade Flan, Finikia Greek Cookies, Restaurant Dinner Certificates, Knitted/Crotched Baby Clothes and Blankets, Autographed Books, Sports Memorabilia, Music Instruments, Fresh Plants/Succulents, etc.…

Please pass this along to your colleagues and family members in case they would like to donate. All items are tax deductible.

In advance, thank you for your consideration and generosity.