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Large Earthquake Disaster Exercise Held at CSUSM

Large Earthquake Disaster Exercise Held at CSUSMOn Friday, November 14, Cal State San Marcos participated in the California Golden Guardian Disaster Exercise, an annual event designed to test the state’s ability to prevent, respond, and recover from a catastrophic disaster.  The drill was based on reacting to a catastrophic 7.8 magnitude earthquake along the southern portion of the San Andreas fault, affecting seven Southern California counties, including San Diego.At Cal State San Marcos, emergency medical responders received a 53-foot trailer full of medical supplies from the state, which enabled local staff and volunteers to set up an alternate care site.  An alternate care site is opened when hospitals have reached their maximum capacity.  They are intended for individuals who are not ill enough to be admitted to a hospital but too sick or injured to return home.  CSUSM School of Nursing students and volunteers from the Medical Reserve Corps and California Conservation Corps were on hand to unload the trailer and set up the site. County of San Diego Policy Group Members, including Chief Administrative Officer Walt Ekard and CSUSM Leadership, including President Karen Haynes, were also on hand to observe the exercise.This logistical disaster drill was part of a two-day series of disaster training activities on campus.  CSUSM’s Department of Emergency Management conducted a test of emergency notification systems, which included telephone, text messaging, e-mail, and loud-speaker messages.  Students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to view a short earthquake preparedness video, accessible on the web at: www.csusm.edu/ep/shakeout/.