12:01 PM

Learning & Tutoring Services Syllabus/Cougar Course Language for Spring

This is a reminder of the tutoring and supplemental instruction available to all CSUSM students. The learning centers are at the heart of the direct academic support that the Office of Undergraduate Studies (OUGS) provides CSUSM students. Learning & Tutoring Services is located on the second floor of the Extended Learning Building.

Do students visit the academic learning centers? Yes! Supported by 120 trained peer educators, the Academic Success Center, STEM Success Center and Writing Center supported approximately 11,900 recorded student visits last semester, which saw a significant increase in student use from the 2021-22 academic year. Thank you, faculty and staff, for directing students to these learning centers and for your key role in recommending students to serve as peer educators in LTS. We can support many more students, so please continue to direct them to us. We also will continue to hire and train peer educators during the semester.

Data suggest that students who make at least five visits to a single learning center per semester in support of a specific course tend to earn higher grades. Visiting the learning centers early and often is sage advice. In the words of one of our peer educators, “The more you go, the more you know.”

Faculty are our most powerful partners in engaging students with academic support resources on our campus. To assist you in directing students to campus academic support resources, we have drafted language to include on your syllabi/Cougar Course containers about each center/program and have provided contact info for each center/program. We look forward to working with you to ensure that students have access to available academic resources.