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Merryl Goldberg Honored as College Music Educator of the Year

Merryl Goldberg Honored as College Music Educator of the YearDr. Merryl Goldberg, a professor in the Department of Visual and Performing Arts will be honored as College Educator of the Year by the California Music Educators Association - Southern Border Section (CMEA-SBS) at an awards ceremony on Wednesday, April 28, at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego for her efforts to foster partnerships with the educational community throughout San Diego County.Dr. Goldberg's commitment to arts education is far reaching.  Her federal grant project, DREAM, is a four-year million-dollar grant researching the impact of the arts on the language arts development of low performing students. She has also partnered with the San Diego County Office of Education to develop the online Arts Education Assessment Resource Guide, a useful tool for parents, teachers, and community members who are interested in finding out about arts assessment in the district."I've been with the San Diego County Office of Education for eight years and have not met a university/college level educator that has had such a powerful impact across all art forms," said Ron Jessee, vsual and performing arts coordinator at the San Diego County Office of Education.  "Merryl Goldberg is a dynamo."Dr. Goldberg has authored many books and articles about integrated arts education and has had an outstanding career as a professional musician."I am extremely humbled to be honored by music educators," said Dr. Goldberg. "Music educators are at the forefront of providing a creative outlet for our children.  In addition, they are constantly in the position of advocating for the arts in schools. I can't think of a more wonderful and exhausting job!  I'm thrilled to be on their radar."