San Marcos,
09:30 AM

CSUSM Recommended for NCAA Division II Candidacy

By Matt Berson

The Cougars have reached the final step in the application process for NCAA Division II status.

California State University San Marcos has been recommended for NCAA Division II candidacy, Director of Athletics Jennifer Milo announced Friday.

Milo received a phone call from the NCAA DII Membership Committee informing her of the recommendation. The Membership Committee’s recommendation will be forwarded to the NCAA Division II Management Council, which will make a final decision on whether to accept or reject the committee’s recommendation by the end of the month.

If the recommendation is accepted later this month, CSUSM will begin a three-year transition process in order to become a fully-active NCAA Division II member.

“We have made it to the final step of the membership process,” said Milo. “We are optimistic that the NCAA Management Council will accept the Membership Committee’s recommendation.”