16:07 PM

New Interactive, Fully Online Catalog

The Office of Academic Programs is excited to announce the implementation of an interactive, fully online catalog. This web-based content management system will improve the experience of using the catalog by offering several features, including advanced search options.

Effective immediately, you can access the 2016-2018 catalog through the link on the campus website to the catalog (or at http://catalog.csusm.edu. Please note that this catalog includes the spring 2017 and fall 2017 addenda.

Faculty and non-academic units responsible for updating the catalog: Academic Programs sent out instructions on how to make updates electronically in preparation for producing the 2018-2019 catalog.

If you have questions about navigating the site, please contact Lourdes Shahamiri (lourdes@csusm.edu) or Gayle Feallock (gfeallock@csusm.edu).