Steps Magazine | Winter 2015,
00:00 AM

New Lab Strikes the Right Chord

By Christine Vaughan

Key to the soon-to-be-launched CSUSM music major is the recently opened music and piano lab. The lab includes 30 new, 88-key digital pianos, a huge improvement over the limited number of 61- key models that were previously used, ensuring that students have access to the latest technology, equipment and facilities to help realize their highest potential. The lab was made possible thanks to the generosity of arts patrons and university donors.

"The first step in nurturing and training our young artists and musicians is to provide them with the right tools for the job," said Jacquelyn Kilpatrick, founding director of CSUSM’s School of Arts. "Our students of today are our artists of tomorrow, helping us to understand ourselves and our world through their interpretations. Empowering artists is vital to all—and the support of our friends ensures that we can provide the dynamic, creative environment that is integral for success."