Steps Magazine Winter 2014,
16:22 PM

New Speech-Language Clinic Pathology Clinic Opens to the Public

By Margaret Chantung

Extended Learning, in conjunction with the College of Education, Health and Human Services, opened a new Speech-Language Clinic in San Marcos on Los Vallecitos Road during fall semester. Designed to serve North County residents, the clinic provides speech and language therapy for adults with acquired communication and swallowing disorders who need assistance reacquiring communication skills.

Under the supervision of CSUSM faculty members, students pursuing a Master of Arts in education with an option in communicative sciences and disorders offer one-on-one and group therapy services. This fieldwork is an important part of training for students in the assessment and treatment of individuals with varying communication difficulties.

"The new clinic allows students to get the clinical training they need while providing a vital community service to adults with acquired communication and swallowing disorders," explained Mike Schroder, dean of Extended Learning at CSUSM. "Restoring speech and language skills is a major hurdle for people who have survived neurological injury or disease and this clinic provides both a high-quality educational experience for our students and a valuable service to members of our community."

The 1,700-square-foot facility is located at 135 Vallecitos De Oro, #D, on San Marcos' Furniture Row. To learn more about the clinic, or call 760-750-4020.