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Policing and Community Engagement

In 2015 the University Police Department created a community outreach office called PACE, which stands for Policing and Community Engagement. The officers assigned to this office are responsible for working with the community to address concerns and collaborate on effective solutions, as well as creating educational programs and events to help build better relationshisp with all of our campus partners and community members. PACE provides the following services free of charge:

Student/Staff/Faculty safety training:

Active Shooter
Work Place Safety
Personal Safety
Emergency Preparedness (in collaboration with the Emergency Manager)
Alcohol awareness education
Student organization event collaboration

If you would like PACE to support your event or give your organization training, please contact us via the information below. If there is a training you would like to receive but do not see it mentioned above, contact us. We are always trying to expand our training program and meet the needs of those we serve!

Thank you,
Pace team