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CSUSM Rolls out New e-Portfolio Tool for all Students and Alumni

Press Release by Margaret Chantung

California State University San Marcos (CSUSM) announced last week that it is providing all students and alumni with a Portfolium account,  a new cloud-based, media rich online tool designed to showcase an individual’s academic and professional story with work that has been completed in and out of the classroom. The University has an exclusive, branded network with an additional suite of interactive features for administrators and corporate affiliate partners.

Portfolium combines online elements typically reserved for social and professional networking platforms with the ability to create and aggregate multimedia content from across the web, uniquely providing employers and universities with a deeper, more all-encompassing view of an individual’s passions, abilities and potential. Through the platform, individuals visually showcase their work, accomplishments and activities, giving potential employers a more holistic view of their talent beyond what is usually represented in a traditional resume. 

With funding from Tech Coast Angels and other San Diego-based investors, including Keshif Ventures, Portfolium will provide Cal State San Marcos and its partners with an ever-evolving suite of tools well into the future.

“We were very pleased with the ease of implementing Portfolium and the entire team’s responsiveness before, during and after the launch,” said Neal Hoss, vice president for University Advancement at CSUSM.

This partnership is a major step in tackling the widespread concern of underemployment rates for recent college graduates. Adam Markowitz, Portfolium CEO, understands this problem and speaks openly about how Portfolium is solving the issue.

“GPA, test scores and a degree are not the only factors in making hiring decisions,” he said. “Employers of recent graduates rank passion, skill and longevity with ever increasing priority. Students proving these traits via Portfolium are landing highly promising careers, regardless of GPA and despite having no prior professional experience.”

Many of these budding careers are launching at companies already utilizing Portfolium to recruit young talent, including Verizon Wireless, the country’s number one employer of college students and recent graduates.

“When I can see the actual projects a student has worked on, it gives me a much more rounded view of them and their future potential," said Greg Haller, president of Verizon Wireless West Area.

Cal State San Marcos is well aware that today’s multi-faceted students are gaining skills and experiences outside of the traditional path of higher education in order to stand out to employers, and they are in need of a co-curricular transcript to demonstrate these additional competencies.

“We are very excited for our students and alumni to have a competitive tool that will help them translate their academic preparation to a new career or promotion,” said Hoss.


Neal Hoss, Vice President for University Advancement
We are very excited for our students and alumni to have a competitive tool that will help them translate their academic preparation to a new career or promotion.
Neal Hoss, Vice President for University Advancement

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