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Pushing the Boundaries of Knowledge

Long before it gained popularity on college campuses nationwide, CSUSM helped blaze the trail to actively engage undergraduate students in hands-on, cutting-edge research that pushes the boundaries of innovation and human knowledge. This month CSUSM joins the U.S. House of Representatives in celebrating National Undergraduate Research Week, April 15-19.“CSUSM stands out among universities offering undergraduate research experiences because of our high quality faculty mentoring and emphases on critical thinking, collaborative learning, and communication of findings,” said Gerardo González, dean of Graduate Studies and associate vice president for Research. “Our students are engaged in new discoveries about the world around them. Across many disciplines, our students contribute to solutions to real world problems and issues.”Hear firsthand the new discoveries ten of CSUSM’s outstanding student researchers are making and how their experience is elevating their college education and preparing them for their future aspirations.