11:21 AM

Review Your Address Information in PeopleSoft for 2020 W-2 Distribution

The end of the tax year is quickly approaching, and W-2s will be issued soon. Please take a moment to verify your “Home” address in PeopleSoft. If the address is incorrect, please follow the online self-service instructions listed below to update your address. In order to ensure you receive your W-2 at the correct address, please update PeopleSoft before Dec. 11.

You can verify and update your address online using PeopleSoft Self-Service

  1. Log in to my.csusm.edu: https://my.csusm.edu/
  2. Enter your user ID.
  3. Enter your password.
  4. On the Portal page under Quick Links, click on the My HR Resources link to access your employment information.
  5. Click on "Personal Information."
  6. View your current home address.

To update your home address:

  1. Click on "Change Home/Mailing address."  
  2. Click on "Edit."
  3. Enter the change.
  4. Click on "Save."
  5. The address listed as “Home” will be used for W-2 purposes. The change you make to your “Home” address in PeopleSoft will automatically notify Payroll Services.

An alternative to updating your address online is to use the following link and complete a hard-copy form: Employee Address Change Form.

Once you complete the form, you can either send it to Payroll by mail or email the signed form to payroll@csusm.edu.

If you have any questions, please email Payroll Services at payroll@csusm.edu.