10:05 AM

RSVP for a Community Visioning Session for the Women and Gender Equity Center

On March 9, the campus announced that the Gender Equity Center’s name will be changed to the Women and Gender Equity Center. As mentioned, the next step is to engage the campus community in visioning sessions where we will discuss the current and future vision and values of the center.

In-person sessions will be held in USU Ballroom on Tuesday, April 5 from 2 -4 p.m. and Wednesday, April 6 from 11 a.m.-noon. We welcome all members of the campus community to attend and register via Wufoo. For the process to be comprehensive, we ask that you commit to both sessions. Tuesday will be mandatory in order to continue with Wednesday.

While the name of the GEC is changing, its commitment to inclusion is not. The center will continue to be a gender-inclusive space with a focus on supporting student success and belonging. A key pillar of the center will be our commitment to promote gender equity across identities in an evolving framework reflective of culturally and socially diverse perspectives and experiences.

Through the years, the Gender Equity Center has strived to be a place for everyone. We look forward to the Women and Gender Equity Center continuing to contribute to a university community that is not only diverse but genuinely inclusive and equitable. For questions involving the visioning sessions, please contact studentlife@csusm.edu.