10:39 AM

Seeking Speakers who use a Foreign Language in Career

The Language Learning Center is seeking speakers who use a foreign language in their careers. Come share with students how foreign language has been useful in your professional life. The series needs speakers who use a foreign language in ANY field. Our audience will be students who hope to apply their heritage language or their language minor in a future career.

Examples of careers discussed in the past are Peace Corps, nursing, palliative care, health literacy, health education, healthcare literacy, bilingual therapy/counseling, legal/business/health translation, genealogy, speech-language pathology, cross-border business and trade, bilingual teaching, and more.

If you would like to participate, or if you would like to refer this search to a colleague on- or off-campus, the LLC will be accepting names until Feb. 15. Please contact LLC Director Hilary Taylor at htaylor@csusm.edu or 760-750-4197.