14:14 PM

Seeking Volunteers, Interns for Clean the Air Program

CSUSM Sustainability Services is seeking spring 2019 volunteers and interns for our Clear the Air Ambassador Program. The program's mission is to educate the campus community about our 100 percent Smoke, Tobacco and Vapor Free Campus Program and provide resources to support tobacco users.

Benefits to volunteers and interns include developing leadership and communication skills, developing event planning and project management experience, and gaining experience with health education and environmental sustainability promotion.

This internship is registered with the Office of Internships under “CSUSM Sustainability Program” (https://app.calstates4.com/csusm). If you are teaching an internship or field experience class in spring 2019, please consider adding this internship to your class database and highlighting this opportunity for students. Dr. Kim Pulvers in the Department of Psychology is the faculty supervisor.