San Marcos,
09:16 AM

Solving Critical Issues: Dr. Devan Romero, Dedicated to Improving the Health of Others

By David Ogul

Dr. Devan Romero is dedicating her career to improving the health of others.

The Cal State San Marcos assistant professor of kinesiology has helped establish a wellness program at a local high school, works with the community to adopt healthier strategies, and has long focused her research into factors determining substance abuse and other risk-taking behaviors.

“I have a passion for learning, teaching and discovery,” said Romero. “I love science and am excited to be able to approach it from an applied prospective to improve health and promote positive changes in people’s lives.”

A native of Southern California who grew up primarily in Nevada and Arizona, Romero has run a marathon, competed in aquathlons/triathlons and was a member of the rowing team at Barry University, where she earned her Bachelor of Science in exercise science. After securing a Master of Science in kinesiology from Cal State Fullerton, Romero earned her doctorate in public health from Loma Linda University.

Her research investigates behaviors related to tobacco, health programming among adolescents, and risk taking among adolescents and young adults.

“My greatest accomplishments have been in the success of my students’ professional and personal growth and the impact of my research in improving quality of life and enhancing health outcomes,” she said.

Teaching at CSUSM has been a blessing. The diversity of our University is very special and we are committed to engaging our community with our educational, research and service efforts,” she said. “I’m really proud to work at Cal State San Marcos.”